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Ray Dalio: The American Dream is Lost

What is it about aging billionaires and their crusades to save the world? Is it really about their legacy and wanting to be remember for something other than their ruthlessness? Or is it about facing mortality and wanting to do something good for the world before checking out? Maybe it’s all of these things. Here’s what Dalio had to say about the state of the American dream:

“I think that if I was the president of the United States… what I would do is recognize that this is a national emergency,” says Dalio. “If you look at history like the late 1930s, if you have a group of people who have very different economic conditions and you have an economic downturn, you have conflict. I think the American dream is lost,” Dalio tells Whitaker. All the wealth being created, Dalio says, isn’t translating to opportunity for others. “It’s not redistributing opportunity. We can call it a wealth gap, you can call it an income gap… It’s unfair… it’s unproductive, and at the same time… [it] threatens to split us.”

Watch the entire interview HERE!

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