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The College Admissions Scandal

So the game is rigged in favor of the rich. What a shocker! But this is nothing new, the rich and powerful have always used their money and influence to ensure their children got admitted to the top schools. But now it’s B-listers and Instagram celebrities who are trying to game the system by bribing coaches and school officials. The scandal also points to a pathological falsehood in our culture—that all you need to succeed in America is hard work and dedication. We know that’s horseshit.

So why are parents willing to spend hundreds of thousands to fake SAT scores and non-existent athletic skills? They want their kids to be global influencers like Jared and Chelsea. And to become a member of the global elite you need an elite education. You need Harvard, Yale and Stanford. It’s a zero sum game only the wealthy and connected are allowed to play.

But the real problem with nepotism is that you erode democracy, you make it weaker because you’re not promoting the very best people. Meritocracy and upward mobility is what made America exceptional. Remember that.

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