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Forty-eight Percent of American Workers Make Less Than 30K a Year

This is hard to believe, but the numbers don’t lie. See the graphic below:



And here is the thing about American economy nobody likes to talk about: Most people will never make it to the top. They can work hard, go to college, and they still won’t make it. That’s because upward mobility in this country is practically nonexistent, it’s like winning the lottery, which is why a year ago everybody was buying crypto with heir credit cards. A sheer act of desperation since most of the wealth in this country is in the hands of the few.

There was a time when you could overcome great obstacles to join the ranks of the rich, but that’s been over for years. The rich built themselves an impenetrable wall and they rigged the game to keep you out. In the mean time, Tariff Man has people blaming Mexican immigrants for taking the jobs nobody wants. It’s a tragic reality where the poor serve the rich and the rest get to be popular on Instagram. But unless you are rich there is no use being popular. That’s what these selfie-taking idiots don’t get.

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