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Expect More Chaos

There is no reason to think otherwise because nothing has fundamentally changed. The same forces are at play and the same people are calling the shots. It took the market a while to price everything in, but once it did everything went to shit. The market is forward looking. Never forget that.

Oil markets are in turmoil because the internal combustion engine is dead. My next car will be an electric car and big oil can’t stop me. Get it? Expect more pain in the auto and oil sectors because both industries are being disrupted and their demise will come if they can’t adapt. If you can figure out the winners and losers you will make a shit load of money.

The beauty of trading stocks (even though you can lose money) is that anybody can do it. You don’t need an MBA from Stanford, you don’t need a million dollars, but you do need brains, discipline, and a good bullshit detector. Right now the market is waiting for someone to lead us out of the darkness. Some think it’s Muller and if they are correct, this will shape 2019 in more ways than we realize. The market needs clarity not more confusion. There is too much uncertainty and ambiguity and this will create more problems for investors. Do not expect a safe heaven. Not in gold, not in crypto. This is a time to be nimble and quick.

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