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The Trump Trade is Dead

If you bought on election night, all of your gains are practically gone, wiped out in a ferocious death spiral from hell. That’s because everything about this market was predicated on the false notion that Fed stimulus would last forever. The market was propped up to make us believe that it was self-sustaining but it was all a fiction. America is $21.4 trillion in the hole! This doesn’t include state and local government debt or corporate debt (which is at historic highs). I don’t take pleasure saying these things because I’m not a permabear, but you have to learn to see thing as they are. The Dow has dropped more than 3,300 points since its October peak and many believe this is only the beginning. There’s an entire generation of amateur traders who have never experienced a crash before. That’s about to change.

Long: FAZ, EGO, GE


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